Volunteers & Coaches

Working Bees

Working bees will be held when needed to repair equipment, maintain the grounds and clean out the equipment shed.  Volunteers are always welcome.

Officials – Needed urgently!!

Every Little Athletics Centre needs a team of Officials.  Officials (and parent helpers) are very important to the effective conduct of competitions at Centre, Regional and State levels.  There is a variety of roles and positions that need to be filled at each competition.  Some require technical knowledge and experience, whilst others are basic and only require a limited understanding of athletics.


Little Athletics Queensland offers Centre Officials Induction Courses (COIC), which is a non-accredited practical Officials course designed to give parents and interested participants the ability and confidence to officiate at centre level.  COIC’s are run by the centre and can include instructions in all track & field events, combining the theory of rules with their practical application, important aspects of safety, venue set up, recording results and handling of equipment.


Level 1 is the entry level of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES).

Enrol by submitting the required details and contact information.  An email will be sent to your nominated email account.  Open email, click the link to start learning.

Participants must complete online learning and pass a multiple-choice quiz.  This ensures the participant has a basic understanding of the rules of the event attempted.

Level 1 consists of 12 separate courses:

  •   Track
  •   Starting
  •   Long Jump
  •   Triple Jump
  •   High Jump
  •   Discus
  •   Shot Put
  •   Javelin
  •   Walks
  •   Pole Vault (not required for Little Athletics)
  •   Hammer Throw (not required for Little Athletics)
  •   Out of Stadia (not required for Little Athletics)

Within each course, there are four modules, each with their own content and quiz attached:

  •   Rules
  •   Officials & Communication
  •   Equipment
  •   Risk Management

Participants can attempt as many of the courses as they like. Once all four modules and the quiz are completed, a Certificate of Completion can be downloaded.  Each course takes about 45-90 minutes depending on the level of prior knowledge of the event.  All questions in the quiz are multiple choice.


Go to www.athletics.com.au

Click on  –  ‘Get Involved’

Click on  –  ‘Officiating’

Click on  –  ‘Becoming an Official’

Level 2 involves online learning, practical assessment, attendance at seminars and an exam.  Before attempting Level 2, Officials must have successfully completed Level 1.

Further information is provided once Officials sign up for the Level 2 Course on the eLearning system.


The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme consists of the following levels:

  • Level 1              Club/Centre/School Official
  • Level 2              State Level Official
  • Level 3              National Level Official
  • Level 4 & 5        Oceania Regional Development Centre & IAAF Technical Officials


Athletes from 13 years of age are eligible to progress to Level 1. Junior Level 1 Officials (15-17 years of age) may be Chief at centre level but only assist at LAQ Competitions (including Regional, Winter & State Championships).

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