Centre Rules & Uniform

Rules of Cassowary Coast Branch Athletics Centre Inc.

  • Athletes aged 16 years and under will not be allowed to participate on a club night unless accompanied by a parent/carer.
  • At least one parent/carer with athletes aged 16 years and under must remain at the grounds for the duration of the club night to assist with the running of events.
  • Premises and competition areas are all smoke free zones.
  • Athletes and spectators are not to cross the running track unless it is clear of competition.
  • Footwear is compulsory in all events at all competition levels, including centre level.
  • Spikes must only be worn from the commencement of an event and must be removed immediately at the finish of the event.
  • No child is to use athletic equipment unless they are supervised by a designated official.
  • No athlete is to pick up or play with any athletic equipment (e.g. discus, javelin, shot put), unless it is their turn.
  • If a centre record is broken on any club night, verification by a qualified official in that event must be sort before removing spike, tape and/or implement or moving crossbar.
  • Athletes need to inform their age marshal before leaving the group for any reason.
  • Athletes should be co-operative with club mates, marshals and officials.
  • Athletes and spectators are not permitted to display bad sportsmanship, abuse or swear at athletes or officials.

Centre Uniform

Centre uniforms MUST be worn on ALL club nights and competition days.

The wearing of uniforms in Little Athletics performs two important tasks:

  • to provide protection from the elements, and
  • a means of identification of the athlete in a consistent and tidy manner.

SHIRT – Sky blue with maroon stripes and collar (available only from the Centre).

SINGLET/CROP TOP (Optional for U13-U17 athletes only) – Sky blue with maroon stripes (available only from the Centre).

SHORTS – Black sports shorts, bike pants/compression garment.

Centre uniforms must abide by the following:

  • Compression garment tops (if worn by athlete) cannot be visible.
  • Bike pants/compression garments shall be above knee length for walks events.  Athletes not in walks events may wear full length compression garments or tights on their legs.
  • Bike pants/compression garments shall extend a reasonable length down the legs covering the buttocks and the upper thigh.
  • If boys choose to wear bike pants/compression garments as part of their uniform, they must wear sports shorts over the top.  Bike pants/compression garments on their own are not acceptable for boys.
  • Bike pants/compression garments may be worn under shorts as long as they are the correct uniform bottom colour.  Coloured stitching is permissible.
  • The manufacturer’s logo on shorts is to be no larger than 4cm x 4cm.
  • Centre sponsorship logos are to be no larger than 10cm x 5cm on shorts and no larger than 30cm x 10cm on uniform top.
  • Any logos on uniforms that do not follow the above size guidelines will be covered, or the athlete will be asked to remove them.
  • Socks or compression socks are not considered part of the centre uniform;  however they must be worn below the knees.

PLEASE NOTE:  All athletes must be attired in the correct centre uniform which conforms to the centre design and colours approved by LAQ.  Registration number is to be affixed to the front of the uniform top.  Age label is to be affixed to the left sleeve or, in the case of a singlet or crop top, on the left side of the shorts.  Failure to comply with this will lead to the athlete not being allowed to enter the competition arena.

Little Athletics Queensland Uniform Patch Instructions


At Little Athletics, footwear is compulsory in all track and field events at all levels of competition including Centre, Regional and State level.  Any person seeking exemption from wearing shoes must support their application with a relevant medical certificate on the day of competition, before competing.

No athlete may wear football boots or cleats in an event.


  • Spikes may be worn at centre level at the discretion of the Centre Management Committee, in the Under 11 to Under 17 age groups as detailed in the table below.
  • Spikes must be no longer than 7mm (synthetic track);  9mm (synthetic field).
  • Spikes must be no longer than 12mm (grass track or field).
  • Spike shoes must only be worn during an event and are not to be worn to and from an event.
  • Needle / pin spikes are prohibited on synthetic tracks at LAQ Competitions including Regional Competitions.
  • Under 6 to Under 10 athletes may not wear spike shoes.
  • Under 11 and Under 12 athletes may wear spikes in all laned track events, all jumping events and javelin.
  • Under 13 to Under 17 athletes may wear spikes in all track events (excluding walks), all jumping events and javelin.
  • Spike shoes with spikes removed shall not be worn by any athlete in events where they are not able to wear spike shoes.
  • Any number of spikes up to 11 may be accommodated on each shoe.
  • Spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.
  • Any athlete not exercising care when using spikes may be disqualified from wearing them for the remainder of the competition.
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Triple JumpXXXXXXX

Legend:               S = Shoes                                   X = Shoes with or without spikes

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